Final Reflections

Students were asked to express their feelings about the soft sculpture installation incorporating a color to reflect emotions.

I felt Red. It was cool that it got messed up by the elements. I wondered if it would be very muddy and messed up, it was kind of funny.

I felt green because when it rained the colors blended together and made a secondary color.

I feel red because I am angry about the installation on the tree because it fell.

I felt pink: happy because other people got to see my work and not just myself and students at my school. Now the world can see my work! Go pink!

I felt blue! I felt calm to see the project stay outside and it didn’t fall and I felt purple because I was angry and calm. The project fell and changed colors.

Almost everything! The documentation and thinking about the process, pulling out their feelings-thinking about things. -V. Martinez, teaching artist

A more direct connection with the literacy and skills in regular classroom. Time management, keeping things moving, -V. Martinez, teaching artist

Pacing/time management -V.Martinez, teaching artist

Concept of inquiry Studio based art room Shelves!!! Post its for student critique Different approaches for each class. -V. Martinez, teaching artist

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