Final Reflections

For this year’s art project, I think it was fun. I say it was fun because we got to have partners and work together. Also it has helped me a lot. It has helped me improve my sewing skills. It also has helped me improve my skills in being cooperative with others because I usually work by myself. So, I liked it.

KaShara Spencer, grade 5

The discussions about the big idea were rich. This group did an excellent job identifying devices that other artists used to express the idea of struggle in their work. They also learned how to work cooperatively, and working with a partner were able to stay on task.

There was not a clear connection between the big idea and the artist that was chosen to study for the final project. Combining seemingly disconnected ideas was challenging. Also, although there little connection between the text and the art making, the ideas and concepts from the classroom did not carry over into the art room. The sketchbooks and portfolios were not used as effectively as I would like to see.

How can you elicit greater involvement from classroom teachers in both the planning and implementing of the lessons? How to create a larger body of work by students connected with the big idea although there is only one final project?

I would like to try planning and implementing lessons earlier; picking the text at the beginning of the year, and creating more art opportunities (daily warm-ups, etc.)

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