Final Reflections

For this year’s art project, I learned many new things that I didn’t know. I didn’t know I was going to catch on so fast. But I guess I did and I want to be an artist when I grow up just because Ms. Vicky and Ms. Moore gave me a little experience in my life.

Destiny McCoy, grade 6

For these years in art we have made different things like the sewing, the struggle pieces, and the painting. The one I liked most was the struggle. It talked about a resolution to the problems in the states and cities.

Daphne Harris, grade 6

Students worked quite well in a collaborative effort. Discussions were quite lively, and they enjoyed working with new tools and materials.

There was a clear disconnect between classroom and art room. Understanding of the selected text and how it related to the big idea was not clear. Portfolios and sketchbooks were not used effectively.

How do you create a more seamless unit that spans both the classroom and art room? How do you keep students at this grade level engaged during a long term project?

Possibly more team teaching--when unpacking the text as well as when presenting the art making lesson. Early planning and discussion of text. Using mini lessons throughout the year that lead up to the final project. Creating meaningful daily sketchbook activities.

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