Hoyne Elementary School

Year 3 - Grade 4


Student #1

We introduced 4th grade to the artwork of Alexander Caulder and had them watch a short 10 minute documentary online.

th-220140519_150645Students journal entries about Alexander Caulder’s artwork. th-120140519_150710


Student #2

Students created their own Alexander Caulder inspired sculptures using railroad paper.IMG_0976Students described the use of right angles and geometric shapes that made up their sculptures.


IMG_0977My sculpture is made up of geometric shapes like circles and triangles. We also cut out right angles to use as supports -student


Student #3

We felt that Alexander Caulder’s Mobils could work well with idea of balance, cause & effect. The mobil is also a great metaphor to show how one person’s slight movement can cause a chain reaction that can affect the rest of the community.thDue to the behavioral issues in 4th grade, Mrs. Beatty wanted to focus on the idea of how our actions can affect others.  How our roles as human beings can have a positive or negative effect in the community.

20140519_150733We chose Alexander Caulder’s work for 4th grade because it’s 3-dimensional, has movement, uses color and is interactive.



Student #1

4th grade researched online John Lynch’s book, How To Make Mobiles, and used it as a guide to the many different ways mobiles can made!


Student #2

Conflict vs. Balance

We talked to the student about the variety of conflicts that affects us periodically or on a daily basis.

There can be conflict at school, at home or in our communities. These conflicts also can create an emotional conflict with in us. IMG_1209

Students wrote in their journals about the conflicts they were having themselves.IMG_1213The students were asked to think of a positive way to deal with an emotional conflict- find a balance.

Student #3

Symbols For Our Mobiles!

 20140519_150650Students created symbols to represent their conflicts and positive balances. These symbols would be used as the main focus in the creation of their mobiles.IMG_1210


Student #1

20140519_150637Students learned to work tools and materials that normally isn’t used in their school as an art materials. Such as:

  • Wire
  • Needle Nose Plyers
  • Plyers
  • Aluminum
  • Railroad Card Stock Paper


Student #2

4th grade class created a variety of different types of shapes to be used for their mobile!


Student #3

Each student created a mobile. The the shapes on their interactive sculptures were symbols of conflicts (negative) and symbols of positive things they do to counter the negative in order to find a balance.

Their mobiles had shapes & drawings. Their shapes/drawings were made out of railroad card-stock paper, engravings onto aluminum (repujado) and wire and string.


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