Kipling Elementary School

Year 1 - Grade 4

Ms. Jackson and the teaching artist planned a unit that supported the use of vocabulary in the short story “The Stranger”.  The students were studying this story in their reading class.  According to Ms. Jackson’s data, the students needed more support in the skill of drawing conclusions and inferences.  The students created sounds that corresponded to the essential  vocabulary of the story.  The process of creating these sounds gave the students practice in drawing conclusions and inferences throughout the story.  In the general music classroom, the teaching artist and music teacher had the students viewing the same film scenes with different music soundtracks.  The students then discussed how the music changed the meaning of the meaning of the scenes using inferences.

Classroom Teacher

Ms. Jackson is the 4th grade classroom teacher at Kipling.  Her humor and sense of sarcasm keeps these fourth graders on their toes!  

Work Plan

Year One
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Year Three

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