Kipling Elementary School

Year 1 - Grade 6

Final Reflections

What worked?

Wonderful support for helping me adjust to having a teaching artist in the general music classroom.
-Christine Wyatt, music teacher

The collaboration with the visiting artist and MCLT.
-Lance Miller, 6th grade teacher

What did not work?

Issues with panning with teaching artist. We need more time with planning-did not get it.
Christine Wyatt, music teacher

The scheduling of time with CAPE artist.
-Lance Miller, 6th grade teacher

What questions do you still have?

What kinds of jazz dances can be used to portray jazz rhythm?
-Christine Wyatt, Music Teacher

What new ideas do you have?

When I realized that I didn't need to make the classes so easy for fear of their not getting it. They enjoyed the challenge! It's okay to make it hard.
-Christine Wyatt, music teacher

Artist should be given standards that we use to better understand the teaching goal/objective to be met.
Collaboration or planning with MCLT/Artist/Teacher before the beginning of the program.
-Lance Miller, 6th grade teacher

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