Kipling Elementary School

Year 3 - Grade 4

The fourth grade has been exploring the idea of transformation as it applies to music.  Specifically, students have been transforming sound into pictures, and pictures into sound.

Classroom Teacher

Mrs. Kelley is new to Kipling this year. The fourth graders are working on identifying how characters change throughout a story, with an emphasis on poetry. The students are very motivated to make meaning with music. Their work with Wylie and Hairy Man has opened up a whole new understanding of how music can enhance a character in a story.

Work Plan

In the language arts classroom, we will be exploring the connections between music and poetry, and will be asking the question, "How do characters and mood transform in a poem?" In the music classroom, students will be creating characters through music and will look at how they can change a mood by transforming the musical components (pitch, articulation, dynamics, instrument choice or timbre, and tempo).

Big Idea: Transformation

Inquiry Question: How can we transform ideas into music and music into ideas?

Literacy Question: How do characters transform in a story?

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