Students began the residency by having literacy based art workshops with Mrs. Netters & Mr. Juan-Carlos in the art classroom (Mrs. Netter’s room). Students were asked to create symbols representative of sentences in the stories they were reading in their homeroom classroom. These symbols were depicted into cut-out silhouettes-which meant the shape of their symbols had to be detailed enough for the viewer to be able to decipher it’s meaning. Students arranged their  symbols to create a visual narrative of their reading. These visual representations were then displayed in the hallways to invite the school community to decipher the stories.



Student #1

Student #2


Student #3


We asked students think about the stories they were reading in class. We asked them to pick a character they find interesting. Who is this character? What do you find intriguing about this character? Can you identify a character trait/skill? Think, create and write a short story/backstory for this character that shows how they acquired this trait/skill?

For Example:

If this character was very assertive then what happen to them in the past (perhaps while they were growing up) that taught them how to be so confident.

Students also drew and created contour wire sculptures of their character. Students had fun using hammers, nails, and wire as a tool for making art.

Student #1

This student was working on how to put together Haikus in his classroom and he was able to continue his work during his art time.  This student was able to articulate why he was working on this particular project and how he came up with the subject matter.  This was very interesting because this student does not usually speak freely in class about his work.  He seem to have grasped the concept of what he would have to do and he seemed very certain of his work and what he wanted to get across.  This is kind of new for this student because he has a tendency to struggle with concepts and staying on task to complete projects.  I'm glad to see that he is getting better at staying on task. Click here to listen ZOOM0005

Student #2

I was very eager to see what this student would do.  This student described the structure of his Haiku and he pointed out key words that would best explain what his Haiku was about.  He even used some words that needed a little more explaination to the teachers as well as for himself and to the classroom.  This student was eager to present his work and was very confident that his words would connect with what he wanted to express in his Haiku.  He was able to accomplish this with the help of some extra questions posed to him by the teaching artist. He was also able to come up with visual symbols that best represented the writings that he worked in his classroom with his homeroom teacher. click here to listen ZOOM0006

Student #3


4 day in class residency with Ms. McNutt , we had planned to have the students brainstorm and investigated (as a collaborative) the word integrity.

  • what does integrity mean to me?
  • how do i show integrity?
  • How do I show integrity to others?

Students were to create a 3-dimensional Sculpture based off the concept y of the word integrity. Students would have the opportunity to investigate the concept as a collaborative then create some artwork individually and come together again and collaborate in the creation of a 3-Dimensional sculpture. The artwork that the student’s created would become part of their 3-dimensional wire sculptures they created in the art room with Ms. Netters & Mr. Juan-Carlos.

Juan-Carlos- When I arrived to Ms. Mcnutt’s classroom she pulled me to  the hallway and explained that the school community had just lost a student to gang violence. The students were having a very hard time with it.  Since the shooting happened in their neighborhood a lot of them had witnessed it or heard the shots. A lot of the students in 6 grade were not talking about it and were shutting out. Ryan was gun down at the park just around the corner from the school.

Hearing this at that very moment, just a few minutes before class began, we had to figure out a way to assess this difficult situation and altered the lesson. We talked to students about being and individual and how we all look at things differently from one another. When we are confronted with a difficult situation sometimes there are no right or wrong way to feel about it. We just have to figure out how to deal with it.

So with that regards, we asked the students:

  • How do we show integrity for Ryan?
  • How do we show integrity for his family and what they are going through?
  • How do show integrity for myself in this situation?

We asked students to cut out of paper a large shape of an eye (to symbolize the idea of how e look at things). We then asked students to write their responses. We then had students create symbols based on their response.

We gave the students some thick black construction board (ranging a variety of widths). They were cut into a variety of miscellaneous shapes. Students re-created these integrity/symbols on to the black constructions board. Then students arranged the shapes to create a large collaborative piece of artwork.

Student #1

Student #2

Student #3

Year Three

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