Student #1

Students work out the details of their skit The Steel-Mill, based from Chicago’s history of steel-mill workers on the South-Side of Chicago. This short play hit a cord with students because it brought into content some of the reasons why their family lives in this part of Chi-town. Some of their grand-parents had actually migrated to work in this type of labor in Chicago.

Student #2

Students critiqued each other’s performances and gave feed back on projection, acting and the usage of the space.


A short film of Chicago steel workers doing whatever it takes to make bread, Action.

Student #3

Love goes awry in this short skit about love & betrayal, Romance. Students collaborated, wrote a short script and performed their plays in front of the classroom.



Student #1

Students and their instructors decided to create a film of the book “Holes”.Students looked at one of the first black & white film footages, “Le Voyage Dans La Lune- A trip to the Moon” written and directed by Georges Melies. Students took notes on the short film and discussed lighting, setting, types of props used and performance.

Students also viewed, Tonight Tonight video by The Smashing Pumpkins. The video is similar but different take on A Trip To the Moon.  Students were beginning to create their own version of Holes and felt it was helpful to view other artist’s interpretation of the same work.

Student #2

The artist team painted 3 backdrops for the film. The students discussed the most important scenes in the film and had to choose the write type of settings that were crucial to the story. They also had to take into account that the backdrops could be utilized for many scenes. Students had to work with the script writers so that it each backdrop coincided with the writing/scene. Everyone had to work together.

Student #3

Actors go over the lines written for them by the script writers.

Actors had to audition for their part and work closely with the writers so their performance wouldn’t stray too far off from script.


Student #1

Ms. Netters give students directive criticism on their performance.

Student #2

Students brushing up prior to filming. Actors take directive criticism from script writers. Jalissa Ortega took the helm as lead script writer and director.

Student #3

Vid of final edited film HERE

Holes, a short film created by Ms. Johnson’s 6th grade class. Written, Produced (with the help of CAPE ; ) and Directed by Ms. Johnson’s 6th grade & New Sullivans Visual Arts instructor Ms. Netters!


Year Three

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