Classroom Teacher

My name is Betty A. Burt,  I have been a teacher for over 20 years in the Chicago Public School system. The last seven of those twenty years have been at New Sullivan Elementary School.  During my career at New Sullivan, I have held the following positions: Teacher (4th through 7th grades), Student Teacher Coach, Dean of Students (2008-2010), Drill Instructor (current), and C.T.U Delegate (current).  My love for kids have always been the driving force behind any endeavors I have elected to undertake.  Since being involved in this new Art program, my students and  I have learned a great deal.  This program have awakened a new excitement in my students that was refreshing to see.
    Each Monday my students  would remind me that it was time for them to go to their special Art class. They were always enthusiastic about the opportunity to connect what they were learning in Reading to the Art project they were working on with Mrs. Netter.  Upon returning to class, my students did not hesitate to share with me all they had done in Art that day. I must admit, this program sparked, or should I say, awakened a part in my students and me that was lying dormant.
Betty A. Burt

Work Plan

Big Idea: Through the use of illustration and colors depict the meaning of a story.

Inquiry Question:

What are some empowering character traits? How can others opinions of me affect how I feel? What is peer pressure? Why do I need to please others? What is bullying?   Artist Inquiry: Can I identify primary, secondary,complimentary colors, contrasting colors? If I look at an image, can identify the colors used to make the colors that I see? How do I create a color palette representative of my character? How do I create images that symbolize me? How can i use colors as a symbol?

Literacy Question: How will students use illustration to support what they know about the role color play on emotions?

Year Three

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