Student #1

What is Brewing in Cafe 311?

Students were asked to draw their own versions of what would go in a stew. some student’s stews were all vegetables while others had a variety of ingredients such as shrimp, meats, etc!IMG_2581Students began with prelimenary drawings of food that they would represent in their art work.

Student #2

Where do food ingredients come from?

Each students made a list of their favorite foods. We learned that room 311 students have pretty international taste-buds!IMG_2577

Some students had gumbo, chicken dishes while others had on their list foods they had tasted in Japan such as octopus or even camel! Using a world map, students researched where foods come from. We learned that different foods and spices come from all over the world!

Student #3


Mr. Juan-Carlos gave students a casting demonstration using plaster gauze. Students learned the basic tools and technique to make a proper casting.  IMG_1565A couple of complete castings that were used as examples for the students.


Student #1

Students took notes of the casting demo and applied what they learned to making their own castings.IMG_2580Vocabulary words used during the casting process.

Student #2

Let’s begin casting!

Student were on it! They got the casting down so fast that they could set-up their work space, get their materials ready and get started with in minutes. Students went over their notes on casting prior to beginning. You could tell that they had payed close attention.IMG_1821One student working hard to get his work just right.IMG_1947Students prepare the gauze for casting.

Student #3

IMG_1677Some students worked best alone. IMG_1940The students worked individually and in groups to complete all task.  They also learned a lot from one another as they worked together.


Student #1

IMG_1744IMG_2579The students have taken time from working with the casting  to work in their journals.  We have all of their work in front of them so that they remember all of the things they wanted to say about that days work. IMG_1802

Students wrote down prompt questions to help them develop a vocabulary for their work and a clearer understanding of the over-all project.

“why are we doing this?

“what else can we do to further the idea of Cafe 311?”

“why was casting important in this project?

“why food?”


Student #2

Students were aware that their work would be on display and participated in the arrangement of their work. they also made lists of other utensils/materials needed to make their exhibit more effective.  IMG_2629.IMG_2616  The students were able to sit with the casting they made and display them as if they were at a table setting.  They are extremely proud of their work.

Student #3

IMG_2623Students also made lists of other utensils/materials needed to make their exhibit more effective.IMG_2631

The students enjoying and displaying their art work.  The students also took many notes and had lots of write ups about their project.


Year Three

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