Final Reflections

Teaching Artist Reflection: Having the students be involved in the brainstorming phase of the project. Empowering the students to take what they learned through the step by step process of casting and giving them the opportunity to apply it to the project on their own.Students ability to work 3-dimensionally. Students were consistently focused and took notes through out the entire process. With Instructors: Our collaboration, students picked up on this and I feel that it opened an all around communication. Instructors successfully implemented and bridged what was going in the art room (with Mrs. Netters & I ) their literacy component in the classroom. MCLT Reflection: Having all of the materials that we needed to work with for the project. Teacher Reflection:I think giving the students an opportunity to connect literature and writing to the visual arts worked. The students ae constantly talking about the pieces they made and writing they are doing that celebrates them and their work.

Teaching Artist Reflection: With 5th grade, honestly, nothing. They were simply, on it! MCLT Reflection: The C.P.S. schedule that had us missing a lot of days made it much harder to get back on track. Teacher Reflection: I don't believe I can say something didn't work. The expectations I had of my students connecting content area curriculum to the arts is exactly the experience my students had.

Teaching Artist Reflection: In casting: Since there alot of steps to remember, I wonder if they will be able to identify in other tasks (whether academically, creative or not) the importance of paying attention to the process? I wonder how this consistent visual arts & literacy learning experience for the past 3 years affect our students in the future? Will it stick? Will it affect the way they approach problem solving? In the years ahead when they think of the arts, what will come to mind since they've now experienced it in a different way? MCLT Reflection: Will the students learn enough from this project to be able to recreate it when the program ends. Teacher Reflection: How can I continue to incorporate that level of artistry in my classroom during my lessons.

Teaching Artist Reflection: Great learning experience for me. I've been involved a few longterm arts educated programs and I learn something new each time. I've learned some new methods & techniques to add to my teaching practice because of this program. New ideas: I guess new methods of teaching (what i've learned) to other visual artists wanting to break into this field. MCLT Reflection: I would like to do more projects with the students that will include casting. So many students have inquired about the process. Teacher Reflection: I thinking about intergrating visual arts for one of my lessons for next year's class. How can I have a really meaningful project to include in my language arts lesson.

Year Three

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