Classroom Teacher

MRS JUANITA MARTIN Hi, I am Mrs. Juanita Martin.  I am the new fifth grade teacher at New Sullivan Elementary this school year (2013-2014).  Although I am new to the New Sullivan learning community, I am not new to education.  I have been teaching for many years on the South Side of Chicago.  It has and always will be my heart's desire and purpose to touch and educate students.  It has been my great pleasure to work with Mrs.  Tracy Netter, Visual Arts instructor and school liaison for the C.A.P.E. program and Mr.  Juan Carlos, Resident Artist on giving my students an opportunity to connect what they are doing in their general education class to the Visual arts.  It is  through experiences like the C.A.P.E. program that students are able to go on learning journeys that are enlightening, engaging, visual, and allows students to connect to the world that they live in.  I'm glad my class was invited to participate and hope to continue my involvement in the future.

Work Plan

Big Idea: Visualization

CAFE 311

Inquiry Question:

If 311 was a restaurant then what kind of ingredients would be used to create recipes symbolic of the classroom environment representative of the students and teacher? What kind of dishes would be unique to Room 311's classroom dynamic? What can foods teach us about a culture or a different part of the world? What parts of the world do ingredients come from?

Literacy Question:  How can students connect reading, writing and the visual arts to what they are reading with the purpose of clarifying it, illustrating it and better understanding the text, so they can share it with others?

Year Three

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