Student #1

Mrs. Johnson’s classroom read, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second installment of the Hunger Games series. Students focus was on survival and relationships. after students read the book, they were asked to pick a chapter that really caught their attention and to try and decipher the deeper meaning of that part of the story. IMG_2664Unknown

Student #2

Drawing: Positive vs. Negative

How to look at drawing from a print-making perspective.IMG_2636As a beginning exercise, students were asked to come up with a word that describe the book and then create a symbol for it.The class then dove into the idea of printmaking. We went over the printmaking process and had students do a first printmaking draft.

Student #3

Print Making-First Draft!IMG_2648

Students learned that every single step beginning with the design was important to the printmaking process.

Some important steps to be aware of through out the printmaking process, just to name a phew!

  • Design
  • Transfer of imagery onto plate.
  • Engraving of plate
  • Inking
  • How much pressure to apply when printing.


Student #1

Examples of our student’s prints.IMG_2655IMG_2656Students chose a chapter from the book and looked for the over all message of that part of the story. Students worked with Mrs. Johnson in finding the deeper meaning/message in the text. Students then created symbolic imagery for that meaning/message.


Student #2


Below shows a couple of different ways a student chose to create their prints. Their engraving plate is in the middleIMG_2663

Student #3

IMG_2642Students continuously asked their classmates, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Netters & Mr. Juan-Carlos for feedback on their images. They wanted to make sure that their images accurately communicated their interpretation of the chapter. They worked really well together in giving each other advice, critical opinion and in teaching one another certain techniques they could apply to their printmaking process.

IMG_2635Students repeatedly went back and forth adjusting and re-adjusting their drawings, reworking their engravings before the final print.


Student #1

Once students were done printing they went back and tied everything together. They wrote about the significance of the imagery/symbols in their prints and tied it to the literacy content in their readings. IMG_2661IMG_2639IMG_2637

Student #2

What does your picture/drawing of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire really mean?


” I made it for the “Love interest” part of the story.I just found the topic fascinating because throughout the first book Katniss was being strong. But now we get something that was sort-of unpredictable and I really dug the fact that it was actually expressing how she was getting torn down by the strong love. She has to decide: “Should I go with the man that gave me bread and that was willing to die with me?” or “should I go with someone that helps me and my family?”IMG_2676


So the picture I drew was a heart with an arrow going through it and the poison gas coming out the arrows wounds. I drew this because she can’t choose who she wants to be with either Peeta or Gale and it’s breaking her heart. So, it show that the love is toxic and it’s hard to go through a battle of choosing someone. But at least it’s a better love story than Twilight (Eclipse, New Moon, Breaking Dawn part one (1) and Breaking Dawn part two (2).


Student #3

What else can 6th grade do to further their literacy/visual arts experience?

Check this out!

Each student created and incorporated a music component to go with their artwork.

Students worked with a music instructor to compose a score to accompany their prints. The score was used to further the viewers experience when looking at the artwork. A testament to the student’s drive to get the most out of their literacy content.


A student discussing his work process with a C.A.P.E. staff member.

Year Three

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