Final Reflections

Teaching Artist Reflection: Using printmaking as a form for communication. Introducing the printmaking process to students. Having students review the successes and failures in their first printmaking drafts in order to understand how their focus and dedication to each step is valuable to the final outcome and to getting their message across. With Instructors: Our collaboration, students picked up on this and I feel that it opened an all around communication. Instructors successfully implemented and bridged what was going in the art room (with Mrs. Netters & I ) their literacy component in the classroom. MCLT Reflection: The idea of collaborating print making with Language Arts and Music. Teacher Reflection: As I reflect on how well the students relate to literature I can see a great difference when they are asked to turn and share. Also, when we do literature circle they are able to better relate to the author's point of view especially if visual art is present.

Teaching Artist Reflection: Classroom time was interrupted and because of that we lost some time that could of perhaps helped us to excel even further. MCLT Reflection: The class schedule was not we needed in terms of time. Teacher Reflection: I do not have a complaint, the only thing is that I would like to see more of is additional time to allow the students to complete many of the task and see the outcome. Also, they can revise if necessary.

Teaching Artist Reflection: I wonder how this consistent visual arts & literacy learning experience for the past 3 years affect our students in the future? Will it stick? Will it affect the way they approach problem solving? In the years ahead when they think of the arts, what will come to mind since they've now experienced it in a different way? MCLT Reflection: How can we continue to have that really great arts integration after this program is complete? Teacher Reflection: How can we continue to include visual images, drama and art work in every classroom without isolation of the subjects?

Teaching Artist Reflection: Great learning experience for me. I've been involved a few longterm arts educated programs and I learn something new each time. I've learned some new methods & techniques to add to my teaching practice because of this program. New ideas: I guess new methods of teaching (what i've learned) to other visual artists wanting to break into this field. MCLT Reflection: The new idea that stood out was for us to connect music and visual arts along with language arts. Teacher Reflection: Are there any other programs I can involve my students whereby they can continue the exposure to the professionalism of an artist?

Year Three

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