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IMG_1162 MRS. JOHNSON  Personal    Mrs. Johnson was born in Canton Mississippi but lived in New York for the first 6 years of her life.  When she turned 7 years old she moved to Bolton, Mississippi and lived with her grandmother and grandfather.  This was the happiest time of her life because she was spoiled the most, though she knew limitations.  When Sandra came to Chicago at the age of 13 she attended Hyde Park High School.  At the age of 23 she married the love of her life, the Reverend Lewis J. Johnson.  The couple has 3 wonderful daughters and one distinguished son.  All four of their children have college degrees.    Professional   Sandra has earned multiple degrees.  AA in Nursing, from Moraine Valley Community College, BS in Education from St. Xavier University, MA in Education from St. Xavier and MS in Language Arts from St. Xavier University.   While pursuing her degree and nuturing her four plus children, she opened a home childcare service to care for infants and toddlers while their mothers worked.  Upon completion of her education, she became a Chicago Public School teacher.  Sandra has been with the Board of Education for 18years.  Working for the Board as a classroom teacher for 9 years, Literacy Coach for 7 years and substitue for 2years.  Mrs. Johnson worked with PPES ( Phyllis Porter Educational Services) Inc; as a presenter related to LRE  ( Least Restricted Environment).  Greatest inspiration is observing children growing.   6th grade Instructor  

Work Plan

Big Idea: How do images help you better understand literature?

Inquiry Question: Why does society gravitate to fantasy/alter-realities?

Why do we like to escape from reality? Why are we attracted to super-heros? Am I a super-hero? How can we turn our insecurities: anger, fears, etc. and turn them into strengths? What qualities in my personality can be used to contribute to society? What skills and tools can I use to get me ahead in life?   Artist inquiry What art technique helps students realize that every step of the process requires focus and effort? How can printmaking be compared to a finger-print? Why is every step of the printmaking process important (beginning with the initial brainstorming of the design)? How can art be used as a tool to help make a difference in this world?

Literacy Question: Can your looks determine your actions?

Year Three

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