Perez Elementary School

Year 1 - Grade 6


Student #1

Each student was asked to write about any instrument.

Student #2

The students were also asked to tell about three different contexts that they might hear the instrument that they chose to write about. This allowed them to identifying the diversified roles a musician plays in a culture.

Student #3

The class viewed three videos of three cultures and how these cultures used music in life events. The examples viewed were a funeral in New Orleans, a wedding in India and klezmer music in Israel. Each student was asked to discuss “What big events of your life had music?”, and bring a photo or drawing of that event.


Student #1

Each student created a timeline of his/her life by identifying individual milestones and biographical experiences in his/her own life. They added any music that might have been present at those events. Then they wrote and illustrated their own unique timelines.

Student #2

The next step in the process of creating the students’ musical timelines was identifying music’s relationship to their milestones/biographical experiences.

Student #3

Then the students were asked to write a sentence about an event on their timelines, and write with the following pattern: 3 words, 6 words, and 12 words.


We ate cake.

We ate cake filled with chocolate.

We ate cake that was filled with chocolate chips and other flavors.


Student #1

The students wrote melodies to accompany the sentences they wrote in the previous lesson.

They were asked to notate the words rhythmically.  Then add pitches using C pentatonic.

Student #2

They revised and edited their melodies. They worked together as a class and then they worked in smaller groups.

Student #3

Finally, they got together in groups of three and worked on their melodies. They arranged the melodies for piano, Orff instruments and guitar.

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