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Year 3 - Grade 4


Student #1

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The  4th grade students attended the Lyric Opera’s, ‘Opera in the Neighborhoods’ performance of the “The Barber of Seville”. They prepared for the performance by reading the synopsis and completing activities in the  “Backstage Pass,”  a curriculum booklet provided for the students by the Education Department of the Lyric Opera.

Student #2

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Students working on opera performance preparation.

Student #3


The students showed their understanding of characters in the “Barber of Seville,” in the context of a role playing game.


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The students worked on narrative writing using the characters from the “Barber of Seville,” and created a new story!

Student #2


 Students worked in teams to create dialogue based on their narratives.

Student #3


The students memorized and performed lines from the script of the musical, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” for the school holiday program. This was great practice for their own show!


Student #1


The class wrote lyrics and rhythms for a song. Ms. De Guzman and I modeled rhythms and then the class repeated a few of them. Then we gave students the opportunity to create their own rhythms. As a class, the students voted on three options they had come up with. It was very positive to see them working as a team to formulate the best song.

Student #2



The script writing was a multi-step process. First, the students improvised dialogue for the story outline they created. Then they each wrote dialogue for a portion of the show. We collected and compiled the dialogue and pieced it together from their writing. Then we allowed the students to edit the script and give suggestions for the final draft. This process was very successful in creating a sense of ownership and pride for the students in their work. Their writing showed improvement and an enhanced creativity. As they were editing the script the student worked well as a team and that was also very exciting to observe.

Student #3

The final show presentation will be videotaped on May 21st in the evening. The students have created their own fully staged opera with costumes, sets, props, orchestra and chorus.

Until the video is available, here is a rehearsal video of the opening song for the Fine Arts Performance night.


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