In the beginning our first arts integration project we introduce students to symbolism and color.  Students read an article and we integrated symbolism in our language arts curriculum.

For the shield project seen below, students had to visually describe themselves using symbols which represent their favorite subject in school, their favorite food and their favorite hobby. It was their choice as to how they laid out the symbols on the shield.

Student #1

Symbolism of the shield: The shield is an introductory project on creating symbols to describe oneself. This student  and  to symbolism- color symbolism and image symbolism

Student #2

This was a fun project, because it allowed the students to do some self reflections on personal things they enjoy.  The student shields was a way to express interest, subject area and foods.- Kyra

Student #3

This project was interesting because it was easy for students to think about things that they feel good about, are comfortable and give them a sense of peace and joy.  Some students really appreciated this project and took pride in it.  One students shared with the teacher, that this shield is a reflection of whom I am. The shields are a beautiful representation of our students.


Student #1

Block print was tied into literary devices. Allegory, irony, students had to write the definition of their literary device and then applied it to an article entitled,  Ruby Bridges. Then students had draw visual images that represented their literary devices. This turned into the block print art piece.

Student #2

This block print project was associated with the students reading skills and literary device on an article they  read, entitled Ruby Bridges.  This student literary device was didactic, the meaning of didactic, is to teach a moral lesson.  While working on this project this student had an opportunity to reflect on what Ruby Bridges life stood for.  To stand up for what you believe in, while she experienced prejudice during school segregation. The image design on her block print  was a girl’s face and a picture of the sun shinning on her. This meant that the student wanted Ruby to have a great day.  The moral was to make sure that Ruby could face a new day despite her challenges.

Student #3

This student designed a block print based on an article on Ruby Bridges, her literary device was point of view.  She had to design an image that represented the point of view based the article.  The image that she designed, was a picture of girl that wore glasses, and a picture of boy who did not wear glasses.  The boy and girl were seeing segregation form two different view points.  This was truly dynamic and creative.


Student #1

The final project was a Powerpoint presentation and Tableau which was integrated with our novel and theme study.  The novel was entitled, The Road to Memphis by Mildred D. Taylor, each reading group was assigned a theme; courage, trust, pride, racism and friendship.









Student #2

This group began working on their Powerpoint presentation, and their theme was Racism.

In the presentation, this highlighted the following scenes, from googgle images, for example students displayed an image of  Bathroom with the signs indicating White/Color bathrooms.  Additionally, students learned how to design a Powerpoint presentation with text, color, background designs, transitions and prepared a formal presentation.

The  Tableau overall images included scenes from the novel that focused on racism.  The Tableau was a group of students that were photographed in several types of poses, students wore whites and black shirts, to represent black and white people.  The images reflected whites imposing fear over blacks. Students also made formal presentations and explained the meaning of each pose as it related to their theme of racism.

Student #3

This group worked on their Powerpoint  presentation and their Tableau.  The theme for this group was courage.

The groups worksheet for courage

This group focused on scenes that represented courage. For example, one of the scenes highlighted, was the Aames brothers, and how they hunted Harris like a animal and he almost died. Jeremy displayed courage by apologizing  to Harris.

The Tableau images also represented courage, some of the students compared the past to present and focused on images of bullying. Students made a formal presentations and both projects focused on the theme of courage.

Courage: Protecting anotherCourage: Stop the Bullying!

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