Final Reflections

What worked?

Relationship building, learning how to work together, I scheduled more time with these classes.
-Kitty Conde, visual arts teacher

Sessions in the classroom were very dynamic. The students were very engaged with the art-historical material presented and were able to use it as an approach to the art/classroom project.
- John Neff, Teaching Artist

What did not work?

I would like to balance the hours with John between me, the teacher.
-Kitty Conde, visual arts teacher

We forced a too-direct studio connection to the classroom project.
-John Neff, teaching artist

What questions do you still have?

What kind of work are we doing around assessment in the data way?
Are we looking to increase scores?
Is this tied to Common Core?
-Kitty Conde, visual arts teacher

How will the project develop year to year?
-John Neff, teaching artist

What new ideas do you have?

Catalog of exhibit
Social issues project to carry the inquiry into 7th grade
-Kitty Conde, visual arts teacher

Developing documentation and public presentation of the image/text projects.
-John Neff, teaching artist

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Year Three

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