Final Reflections

Again, the presentations of art historical information really energized the students. They were able to connect this material to the art room / classroom project, and to the personal material that informed the "artifact" project. - John Neff, Teaching Artist The willingness of the classroom teacher to explore the use of art in his own classroom.

The project schedule was too loose, so the final phases felt disorganized. - John Neff, Teaching Artist I agree with John Kitty

Can we push literacy skills further into the artifact making / presentation process? - John Neff, Teaching Artist Are they making the jump from the personal artifact making to reading artifacts from a culture Kitty How will the new National standards play into the standards we choose to focus on in this unit Kitty

Using the artifacts as props or sets in oral presentations. - John Neff, Teaching Artist Curate their personal artifact into the "Deserted island mural" Kitty Conde

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Year Three

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