Final Reflections

Teaching Artist Reflection: The intergration of art- and classroom activities worked very well. This was helped by the binders used as portfolios, holding both artworks and social studies research materials and traveling with students between the rooms. MCLT Reflection: What was so exciting about this unit of study is that it became a prototype for integrating art through the lens of Inquiry. Because our school culture embraces the Inquiry model this has helped us to develop inquiry and arts integraton Teacher Reflection:

Teaching Artist Reflection: I agree with Kitty. We had big plans, which took a lot of time to implement. The first half of the unit got more time and attention than the second. MCLT Reflection: As usual this type of work take a lot of time and other subjects get cut shorter. Teacher Reflection:

Teaching Artist Reflection: Could we have structured the unit more tightly at the beginning? MCLT Reflection: How can we organize this unit to address those areas that are being missed because of the time issues Teacher Reflection:

Teaching Artist Reflection: I think it would be interesting to experiment with using the traveling portfolio / binder structure over a longer portion of the school year, not just a single unit. MCLT Reflection: We have developed a great way to gather information for a portfolio for this type of work. We have struggled with how to collect and monitor the amount of work that the students created in a place that will be conducive to reflection. Teacher Reflection:

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