The Inquiry Cycle is core to our curriculum so this unit parallels the inquiry cycle in the art room and the classroom.  Stages of the Inquiry cycle

  • Front load, explore and experience
  • Investigate, and dig deeper
  • Coalesce
  • Go public

.Literacy Essential Question:

What were the geographical and political factors that led to a pivotal point in America’s expansion?

What can we learn from careful study of artifacts? primary sources?

Arts Integration Essential Question:

How can art play a pivotal role in depicting America’s expansion?

How do people use environment, culture and resources to express themselves through art?

Classroom Teacher

IMG_20140421_145830Priya Manocha 4th grade teacher

Work Plan

4th grade (c) = in the classroom  (A)= in the art room
  1. (c) pre-assessment
  2. (c) close read of Cole's painting  "Oxbow" video on westward expansion, reflection
  3. (A) Powerpoint about artists and environment focus on regional artists
  4. (A) Envision space
  5. (c) Inquiry and mapping- open and closed questions. discuss “open” and “closed” questions and  categorize questions by theme and question type (big or little, open or closed).  Create the big literacy essential questions and list smaller questions under the larger essential questions it supports.  Students completeva reflection sheet based on their collaboration with peers.
  6. (A) curation of space exhibit using maps  sticky notes to envision and organize
7.  (c) assigning WESTWARD EXPANSION TOPICS.  Students use their inquiry      questions and research to choose a topic for deeper investigation.  They use secondary sources, including a text book and another text series for research. Students research their questions and topics on-line.  Students complete a reflection sheet based on their learning. 8 .(C) Inquiry within groups Students work on deeper research in groups formed around specific topics: the Transcontinental Railroad, The Gold Rush, The Homestead Act, etc.  Students organize information in graphic organizers to add to their portfolios.  Students complete a reflection sheet based on their learning. 9. (A)  Artwork (digging deeper ppt reinvestigate ) 10  (A)  Final personal Space projects 11 (A)  my space write ups 12  (c) coalesce information ON DRAFT MAP IN CLASSROOM Groups added their research findings to a map in the classroom research center. 13. (C)(A) pre assessment drawing of knowledge  (A) visual note taking 14. (c) inquiry within groups (binder) 15.  (A) envision artifact activity (drawings of ideas and objects) 16.  (c) coalesce information 17. (A) curate artifacts into going public presentations (map of us on wall with artifacts) 18. (c) Worlds Fair final inquiry activity. (china research and installation) 19.  (A) create artifacts with economic and cultural significance, curate installation  
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