Final Reflections

Teaching Artist Reflection:The addition of research elements to the students' final classroom presentations (their Keynote projections) was a productive change this year. MCLT Reflection: We have developed a wonderful tool for students to critical analyze the message and media that surround them. We have developed digital tool for collecting portfolios Teacher Reflection:

Teaching Artist Reflection: Communication the abstraction of the connection between the art room elements & principles unit and the classroom media unit was a challenge. MCLT Reflection: The unit has a great deal of arts integration within the classroom, the art that happens in the art room integrated into this unit still is challenged by a disconnect of timing. Teacher Reflection:

Teaching Artist Reflection: I agree with Kitty, this has to do with timing. MCLT Reflection: How can we align the timing better on the unit activities within both classrooms Teacher Reflection:

Teaching Artist Reflection: I'd like to schedule the classroom and art room sessions back-to-back. I'd also like to experiment with a shared digital portfolio - maybe a ftp - to gather together student materials in one easily-accessible location. MCLT Reflection: To move forward and experiment more with technological advancements in order to collect portfolio data. Teacher Reflection:

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