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tim hartTim Hart 5th grade Teacher @ Ravenswood

Work Plan

1 © Pre-assessment Students look at Depression-era photographs and draw conclusions about the people and scenes depicted. They are asked to support their conclusions with specific observations from the images.

     2 (A) Message Media project students explore their own social issues that they want to address.  PPT on media and message Using the studios they envision their ideas and conduct critques around their ideas.  Upon completion students

     3  (A)  Artist statement and curation (using Elements  and Principles and discuss media choice

     4  ©  Media mapping, media diet, journalling screen log Students keep “media diaries,” logging their advertising intake by media, theme, message.

      5.  (A) Art language Elements and Principles selection process and research on ipads

      6.  (A)  Using the grid of 4 to represent their word, internet search,  photo of found image, create image in studio of choice, choice of one of the three for fourth window

      7.  © Decoding advertising “Message” A PowerPoint on image-text art in the 20th century to help spur the students to think more abstractly about the relationships between words and pictures in art, advertising, and propaganda. (Artworks include pieces by Barbara Krueger, Rene Magritte, John Heartfield, and Andy Warhol.)

     8.   (A)  Dig deeper  including new filters and language in research

     9.   ©  Connotation and denotation Students select advertisements from their media intake and do close readings of them. They analyze the language elements and principles and images in the ads using the concepts of connotative and denotative meanings.

    10  ©  Word choice- connotation and denotation, image text and relationship Students select richly connotative words from their media research to begin building their own projects.

          11 ©  dictionary research google research and adding filters Thinking about search methods more deeply help students work through the associations of their words.

12 (A)  Curation tools   ppt for curation tools and looking at space decide on sharing of information

    13 (A) Final definition of elements and principles with text and image, final curation

    14 © Final keynote exhibition
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