A pre-assesment pre assessment  contrasted ancient images of Egyptian leaders with contemporary images of power. Students were asked to analyze how each set of images used the elements of art to present political leaders. The students took personal culture interest survey  culture-interest-survey.interest survey

This helped our students understand that they come from their own culture.  This entry point is important to see the larger context of culture.  Students envision their ideas and critique with each other for feedback.

ARTIFACT CURATION PROJECT – The students followed this document to guide their development of the curation of their artifact. Cultural Artifact Curation Project Rubric.  With the help of the rubric students knew what they need to address to be successful in their work.


Student #1

Powerpoint Shoes showing footwear from ancient Egypt to contemporary America demonstrated how small adjustments to enduring basic forms can tell us a great deal about culturalshoe ppt

Student #2

Student #3


Student #1

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Student's Virtual culture

Student’s Virtual culture

Students envisioned and created their own personal artifacts that they will then curate.  Ben has chosen to create his artifact using the technology studio.  He uses his artifact to explore what a culture is as he creates his own virtual culture.

Student #2

Tyshon explaining his cance video artifactTyshaun explaining his cultural artifact

Student #3


This year our focus remained on the idea of helping make sense of their work through presentation.  Just as they were finishing their artifacts they went to the Field museum having seen the PowerPoint about curator’s tools curation presentation.  They took a scavenger hunt curation tools and technique scavenger hunt with them to explore ideas of how they would present their own work.curation tools scavenger hunt

Student #1

photo 2photo 4photo 1Students practice contextualizing by helping make sense of artifacts.

Students layout and install their own exhibit using what they have learned from curation scavenger hunt, field trip to Field Museum, and curation tools PowerPoint  curation presentation

Student #2

photo 5

Student #3

Mr. C and AdamStudent and teacher curation discussion  An AHA moment

Adam is discussing why he made Zelda’s Sword.  As the discussion goes deeper he realizes that his sword represents several layers of who he is.  Later in the discussion he realizes that there are several students that chose gaming as an aspect of their culture.  He was validated and went on the collaborate with the rest of the artist who chose gaming.

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