Final Reflections

The role of music in Egypt was significant to the students. The students related to the concept of cycles of the ancient Egyptiians with their own personal lives and then passing that cycle to a body percussion rhythm. The students really liked and remembered their body percussion rhythm for the entire residency program. Student were also asked to use basic music theory to identify rhythms in their drumming. Students also realized that music takes thought and preparation in order for the music to be successful. The students were still able to use their recorder skills to play an ancient song -- students practiced hard and really wanted to be successful at playing their song.

This class was a split class -- 1/2 met on Monday and the other 1/2 met on Tuesday. Having smaller classroom sizes was good but keeping the classes on the same page was difficult and each class only received 8 class sessions with Ms. Jamie instead of 16.

How can I, the music teacher, expand on the knowledge they have of drumming? How could we have incorporated their own rhythms into the final performance -- it would have been interesting to have them play the patterns they created while "baladi" is played.

I will need to incorporate some drumming techniques into the 7th grade curriculum.

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