Final Reflections

The students did such a fantastic job at their final informance! They were interviewed live about concepts of economics, wage vs. salary, and also about what made a work song distinctive (it descibes the task at hand; is repetitive; may fulfill a work function such as calling customers; makes work go by faster; and incorporates a sound that keeps the workers together).  Here are the lyrics to our work song, for which the kids created both the lyrics and the melody, and then performed with blocking at their final informance for other CAPE PDP students and parents!

I go to school five days a week, I concentrate even when there is a leak;
I always do my best, on every single test. I’ve got a school job and I know it!
I’ve got a school job and I know it! (ooh ooh! Me! yes, you!)

My friend Bob was in the mob. Now he has a salaried job.
He doesn’t go to the factory, and he didn’t win the lottery!

We go to school five days a week, no tardies, on time; it’s a pass we seek!
We really love to learn. When we learn, we earn! We’re getting good grades and we know it. We’ve got a school job and we know it! (ooh ooh! Me! Yes, you!)

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