Aurora and I decided that we will build upon an anime-character creation project already in progress with these students’ art teacher by exploring music through film soundtracks. Ms. Donoghue is interested in working on the students’ literacy skills, in general. In addition to discussion of The Lord of the Rings and various musical theatre sample soundtracks, the students will create a detailed backstory and short written conflict and resolution scene utilizing teams of four students/anime characters. They will then compose a musical soundtrack for their scenes, score the scenes using non-traditional scoring methods, and perhaps perform each others’ compositions to test the scoring process.

Classroom Teacher

[caption id="attachment_3133" align="aligncenter" width="179" caption="Ms. Donoghue, 6th grade teacher"][/caption] Mary Donoghue is a 5th/6th grade language arts and social studies teacher in the Dual Language Program at Talcott. She loves teaching reading and social studies because it allows her to combine her love of culture, linguistics, literature and social justice. While completing her Masters in Education at UIC, she student-taught at Talcott and fell in love with the school's mission and vision of bilingualism and arts. This is Mary's second year both as a teacher and working with a CAPE artist. She is thankful to be able to welcome an artist into her classroom!

Work Plan



How do we create a three-dimensional literary character? Discuss in writing your extant anime character's positive and negative traits. Write a four-character scene with a conflict and a resolution. Create a "plot mountain" for your characters' scene? How do we approach open-ended creative projects as opposed to "one right way to do it" class assignments? How do we create a concise yet meaningful narrative for established and unrelated variables (four characters with fixed traits)? How do instrumentation, languages used (if any), tempo, dynamics, lyricism, and other musical elements express situation and character? How do we score music? What is a score?
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