IMG_3529Students sing along with a baseball song by Kenny Rogers as an introduction to our unit on “The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson”

Classroom Teacher

IMAG3936 Ms. Kristin Thelen, is in her 6th year in the Chicago Public Schools teaching 6th grade Language Arts & Social Studies. She has worked with a CAPE teaching artist for three consecutive years, and seen first hand the profound impact that layering the arts on a unit of study further engages, and motivates students to make deeper connections to their learning. She enjoys the art integration that CAPE provides, and looks forward to making it a part of her regular practice.

Work Plan

Big Idea: What is Migration? What are common themes in migration and immigration experiences?

Inquiry Question: What character traits are an asset to those migrating?

Literacy Question: What are the author's messages about migration /immigration in The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson? How do you know? Give evidence from the story that supports your claim. 

Year One
Year Two
Year Three

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