For year 1 of the project Jamie Topper was the teaching artist. Jamie is a percussionist specializing in Afro-Caribbean and Middle Eastern rhythmic traditions and initiated year one of the project.

Classroom Teacher

[caption id="attachment_1490" align="alignnone" width="238" caption="Mrs Susan Bohman, 4th grade teacher"][/caption] Ms.Susan Bohman is a 4th grade teacher.  She requested that we integrate Science with Music for her students' participation in the CAPE PDP project.  The 4th graders had just completed a unit on the Physics of Sound, so we decided to activate that content. The students were challenged by following multi-step directions, keeping a record of their process, in order, and distinguishing inferences from evidence.  We made a connection between inferring from something you read, and inferring information about an instrument based on its sound.

Work Plan

Year One
Year Two
Year Three

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