Final Reflections

4th, 5th and 6th grade students celebrated their artistic accomplishments at a reception on June 1, 2012. The 5th grade installation was showcased inside the gallery of Ft. Dearborn along with 4th and 6th grade process photos and books.

"I enjoyed it when we velcroed and stitched the cloth together" -Student This class was focused and followed directions most of the time. They enjoyed sewing in couples and letting go of their work during the transformation of the project. -K. Moore, visual arts teacher

"I didn't like when we put it outside because tt fell and I thought it was a waste of time." -Student

"How do we get them to look at change with a different eye?" -K. Moore, visual art teacher Continuity, how do we keep the big idea in the forefront? -V. Martinez, teaching artist

Challenging students to create bigger projects. Introducing thought provoking questions in discussions. -K.Moore, visual arts teacher

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