Installation was brought to the Ft. Dearborn gallery on June 1, 2012 for the closing reception. Students talked about their experiences creating the artwork and celebrated.

"The part that I enjoyed the most was sewing the material together because its something I've never did before." -Student Partnering the students worked as they stiched. They also focused on the bookbinding and creation of stories in their books. -K. Moore, visual arts teacher The individual activities worked, especially the paper collages. -V. Martinez, teaching artist

"Making sketches of that I was going to make was difficult because I don't always plan first." -Student Their behavior at times got in the way of work, so we couldn't focus and the process took longer than planned. -K.Moore, visual arts teacher Getting students to look deeper or really think about what they were doing. -V. Martinez, teaching artist

"How do we continue their exploration so that they become more comfortable with this process?" -K. Moore, visual arts teacher Did students enjoy working with soft sculpture? Did students enjoy collaborating? Would they prefer to work on personal projects? Should we work on a larger scale next year? -K.Moore, visual arts teacher How do we keep students on task? -V. Martinez, teaching artist

Crochet installations, painting and collaging with discarded books to create large scale project, visiting various sites at school to choose one and alter our work to the space, incorporating projectors, introducing more contemporary artists. -K. Moore, visual arts teacher and V. Martinez, teaching artist

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