Final Reflections

I like most of the things we learned this year. We learned about bad struggles and good struggles. We made collages, which was a good experience to me. It was fun this year and I hope we could have more that that for the next.

Layla Williams, grade 4

It was evident that students connected with the big idea of struggle, and especially at this grade level, were able to express that in their own work. I was very pleased with how open they were about sharing their feelings about their own personal struggles. There was a wonderful connection between the work completed in their class and the art that they created.

I think that the use of time and the use of their portfolios for the students own documentation can be improved upon now. I'd also like to use the same big idea and tackle the concept of "progress". That understanding did not come through as clearly.

I would like to know how to line up my grading and create assessments so that they are more reflective of the work that is completed for this type of project.

I would like to create more opportunities to use the portfolios, such as daily warm-ups. I would also like to see students get into the project earlier,to give opportunity to create more work.

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