Hoyne Elementary School

Year 1 - Grade 5

Final Reflections

I think the project worked well for the goal of PDP. Perhaps more conceptual than a lot of the other projects. -Anni Holm, teaching artist The field trip as a whole, the flow of the activities and the performance of the activities. -Robert Garcia, visual arts teacher

Communication over all- it had a great effect on the outcome not the same buy in as perhaps if everyone would have been more interested in the process/project. -Anni Holm, teaching artist Venue had to be changed for one activity due to the area being roped off. Date was moved due to summit down town. Students wouldn't always stand silently. -Robert Garcia,

How can we improve the intrest-dedication to the projects that we do. Classroom discipline/environment. Neutral platform? Right now we enter classroom teacher's room, not an art space, which I believe shapes everything. -Anni Holm, teaching artist What directions can we go for next year? -Robert Garcia, visual arts teacher

Maybe make it more materialistic. -Anni Holm, teaching artist I like the quilting and transformation idea. Color poem book? -Robert Garcia, visual arts teacher

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