Hoyne Elementary School

Year 2 - Grade 6

Final Reflections

-Juan-Carlos Perez, teaching artist -student's responded to images of artwork & groups of people from different parts of the world. -Students responded when we made connections between groups of individuals/environments from different parts of the world to their OWN community. Students responded to how natural elements in an environment such as: climate, water and location influence how people/families live. -The overall community/neighborhood created by students using their 3-dimenional structures "home" and in some cases guided by instructors really helped reinforce some of our initial ideas of how groups of people come together. How environments and it's natural resources affect how people live and how communities bonds (or not). How these properties of building can inspire the creation of families/neighborhoods/civilizations. -Robert Garcia, visual arts teacher The students were able to immediately identify and discuss the needs and restrictions of building a home, and were very creative when it came to building their own homes.

-Juan-Carlos Perez, teaching artist The planning and communication between instructors and artists was minimal. There was a lack of participation/interest by some instructors. I feel this greatly affected the project and student interest. I feel this greatly impacted the project and it's potential development for further growth. We had a lot of difficulties with behavior/attention span and keeping students focused on lessons. So much so that it affected our time on the project and in some cases causing us to end the sessions early. Student's were only able to be focused in short periods of time. -Robert Garcia, visual arts teacher Due to having a Teaching artist change and not being able to get started this year until January, it seemed like the schedule was very compacted and ran to the very last week of school which made the last couple of weeks and last couple of tasks very difficult to complete.

-Juan-Carlos Perez, teaching artist -Robert Garcia, visual arts teacher

-Juan-Carlos Perez, teaching artist This is my first year working with this group of students. Mr. Garcia & I have had to make adjustments throughout the project to keep the students on track and interested. Now that I have a better understanding of the learning dynamic in these classrooms I can work with Mr. Garcia, look at the learning strategies/hands-on sessions we put together this year and re-arrange them in a manner that keeps the students in a continued focus for Year 3. This is of course is a reminder of how we can set a template for student engagement in order to begin, only having to later make adjustments and re-adjust (time & time again) through out the lesson/project according to the classroom dynamic so that it pairs in a way that it promotes intellectual growth/progress. -Robert Garcia, visual arts teacher I would like to possibly use the community theme to possibly start off the next year and maybe challenge students to think about how they can actively impact their own community in a positive way.

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