Hoyne Elementary School

Year 3 - Grade 5

Final Reflections

Teaching Artist Reflection: Introducing students to various artists. Introducing students to new drawing techniques to help them create a comic book.Changing the sequence with homeroom classroom sessions and art classroom sessions in order to keep students engaged. -The collaboration, time and dedication of the art instructor Robert Garcia. Because of his tireless dedication to the program we were able to introduce to the students an arts/literacy based lesson. -Mrs. Gansho's participation and ability to make time for the project. -Each of us at some point through out the residency lead in teaching the sessions. I felt this type of collaboration gave students the idea of how much everyone was invested and in return students responded by participating themselves. MCLT Reflection: I felt that the comic book/graphic novel was a strong piece. I have tried to teach similar comic projects in the past, but this one really came together. Even though the writing was in comic form, the students each authored a short story with a plot and lterary elements.

Teaching Artist Reflection: We had a few behavior issues but the classroom was able to pull through thanks to Mrs. Gansho & Mr. Garcia. MCLT Reflection: The paper I used might have been a little thin because there was som bleeding of the ink, which was a little bit of an issue because the students did create 2 sided pages in their books.

Teaching Artist Reflection: I wonder how this consistent visual arts & literacy learning experience will affect the students in the future? Will it affect the way they approach problem solving? In the years ahead when they think of the arts, what will come to mind since they've now experienced it in a different way? How would of this project have developed if student behavior wasn't an issue ? How would of this project of developed if the teachers at Hoyne had support from the administration? I think Mrs. Gansho is a good instructor and I wonder if she will continue to incorporate the arts in her sessions. MCLT Reflection: What if we had structureed the time to give students the option to use color, how many students would? How would the use of color affect the story , if at all? Teacher Reflection:

Teaching Artist Reflection: none MCLT Reflection: I will deffinitely continue the Graphic Novel unit, I may expand on it for upper grades and maybe make it genre specific.

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