Hoyne Elementary School

Year 3 - Grade 6

Final Reflections

Teaching Artist Reflection: Introducing students to various artists. Changing the sequence with homeroom classroom sessions and art classroom sessions in order to keep students engaged. -Introducing students to materials normal not used in school for creating art. -Students ability to use imagery as a symbol for personal growth in abstract fashion. -Students ability to complete the task at hand. -The collaboration, time and dedication of the art instructor Robert Garcia. Because of his tireless dedication to the program we were able to introduce to the students an arts/literacy based lesson. -The first and only planning session we had with teacher. We were able to construct the basis of the unit for the rest of the residency because of this. MCLT Reflection: Even though this year was a rough one, I feel that there definitely was a productive progression in the perfomance of the students, not just this year, but over the span of the entire three years. Since this group of students participated all three years, I have seen not necessarily major improvements in their artwork, but the development in their voice through art. The students have definitely developed opininions and identity through their art. Teacher Reflection:

Teaching Artist Reflection:Teacher participation and lack of collaboration (with the exception of the first planning meeting) in the development of the arts integrated unit. The follow up to the literacy component after the first planning meeting by the instructor. There were strong behavioral student issues that made it a very hard environment to work in. A majority of the time, we were constantly having to stop the sessions. Students were not held accountable for their disruptive behavior by the administration which only contributed to the problem in the classroom. MCLT Reflection: Due to many scheduling issues it was hard for the team to get on the same page. Classroom behavior caused pacing issues with the projects. It was great that the students were exposed to the newer materials and tools, however if there was some way to make the class periods longer, it might have helped with the mobile projects, because of everything that needed to be distributed every time the students came in, if they could have had two hours, thier flow might not have been interrupted as much and they may have accomplished alot more. I feel that some of the issues were the timing of the art classes this year, these students had art once a week on Friday afternoons, the last hour before school was dismissed. If the class was scheduled earlier in the day or earlier in the week, and multiple times a week, the students may have had more focus.

Teaching Artist Reflection: I wonder how this consistent visual arts & literacy learning experience for the past 3 years affect our students in the future? Will it stick? Will it affect the way they approach problem solving? In the years ahead when they think of the arts, what will come to mind since they've now experienced it in a different way? How would this project have developed if teachers participated more in the planning, literacy development and involvement/attendance at the professional developments? How would of this project have developed if student behavior wasn't an issue? How would of this project of developed if the teachers at Hoyne had support from the administration? MCLT Reflection: I am wondering how I may expand upon this project beyond the CAPE PDP, and how I might adopt it or if I should for this grade next year. The older two grades did seem to embrace the program more. I also wonder if I should also attempt to continue the format of this program and ideas for the upper grades (7-8) especially since they have already participated in it in past years.

Teaching Artist Reflection: none MCLT Reflection:

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