Kipling Elementary School

Year 1 - Grade 5

Final Reflections

The students were very interested in using acting and singing to create the interpretations of the stories they were studying. They were very engaged in watching each other recreate the events that occurred in the story they were reading about Mt. Everest. Wonderful support for helping me adjust to having a teaching artist in the general music classroom. -Christine Wyatt, music teacher

The students needed more practice with linking the syllables in a word to the appropriate rhythm notation symbol. Issues with panning with teaching artist. We need more time with planning-did not get it. -Christine Wyatt, music teacher

What are some ways I can allow my students' creativity to show? -Christine Wyatt, music teacher

I would like to see them write a script for a short story and act it out. When I realized that I didn't need to make the classes so easy for fear of their not getting it. They enjoyed the challenge! It's okay to make it hard. -Christine Wyatt, music teacher

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