Kipling Elementary School

Year 3 - Grade 5

Final Reflections

Teaching Artist Reflection: With fifth grade, starting out with more structure and then transitioning into more student-directed activities seemed to work well. Also, adding theatrical elements to our music composing really helped with this class (particularly doing tableaus to music). MCLT Reflection: Using my planned curriculum but adding the dimension of self-assessment and creating a portfolio added more interest and enthusiasm to the projects we were doing. Teacher Reflection: Through my partnership with Mrs. Hall, I was able to help my students make connections through the arts and experience the science we were learning. The coolest part of our collaboratively taught lessons were the moments when my most reluctant students were fully engaged and smiling.

Teaching Artist Reflection: Sometimes I wished I could have students do individual composition projects, because group projects tended to have the same outcome after some time of doing them (they all sounded similar, and I felt like there wasn't time or space for a lot of reflection, attention to detail, or revision). We didn't have the time or space for individual projects, but it's something I'd like to try in the future. MCLT Reflection: Being new to planning music portfolio, I learned from this experience how to plan self assessments and reflections into the curriculum better. I would like to focus on it being a more consistent part of my teaching. Teacher Reflection: There were not too many aspects of the program that were difficult to work with; however, predicting the best integration with art was challenging. I wanted to do something outside of the box. So, making a prediction of what content I would be covering and integrating music was a challenge.

Teaching Artist Reflection: How do you keep every student's attention and investment when acquiring the necessary skills to create art? MCLT Reflection: I was wondering if other music teachers could share their experiences of creating a comprehensive portfolio for their students. Teacher Reflection: I do not have any questions.

Teaching Artist Reflection: I have new ideas for integrating science and music, specifically, for having students design their own ways to use music to express scientific concepts (in this case, elements of the solar system). MCLT Reflection: Because of this project, I really liked the idea of inviting other classrooms to watch performances of what we did in the music classroom. It really motivated the students to do better and to understand that what we do in the music room is connected to other aspects learning. Teacher Reflection: The opportunities to integrate math and science are endless. Because of my partnership with CAPE and Mrs. Hall, I feel like I can definitely use what I learned about music to help students make connections. It opened a whole new world for me!

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