Kipling Elementary School

Year 3 - Grade 6

Classroom Teacher

Zita Adamopoulos is a 6th grade English/Language Arts teacher at Kipling School.  She enjoys helping students bring fiction to life through monologues and soliloquies.  In addition, she enjoys teaching Greek Mythology and having students compare the gods and goddesses to the heroes of today. As a writing teacher, she helps the students develop their argumentative, persuasive, and narrative writing skills.

Work Plan

The sixth grade spent the first part of the year examining transformation in the music classroom.  What transforms in our everyday lives?  In music? How do we transform pictures into music and music into pictures? In the social studies classroom, students then looked at how events transform people, and how music can be used to support and/or convey that transformation.

Big Idea: Transformation

Inquiry Question: How can you transform pictures into music and music into pictures?

Literacy Question: How do events transform characters or people?

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