Our creative direction for 2012-13 was inspired by the focus of one of our older classes. Ms. Gust indicated that she would be doing projects on themes of community and neighborhood with her 5/6th split class. She also said that their writing would focus on narrative and perspective. I decided to explore these themes with each grade in different ways. Our fourth grade class will be writing thematic “self-portraits” as their project, exploring the concepts of musical theme and how to represent feelings and personal qualities through music! Students¬†will each create a personal theme, notate it, and combine them all into a musical class tapestry. Ms. Gust’s 5/6th grade class will be exploring the musical and social cultures of Lafayette’s immediate neighborhood and writing songs/raps from those perspectives, which are predominantly African American and Latin American. Ms. Moorhouse’s 5/6th class will be writing songs and raps from the perspectives of the career directions they wish to pursue. Our final performance will be a multi-dimensional musical “narrative” of the personal, professional, and cultural “perspectives” of Lafayette students!

Classroom Teacher

Ms. Riley, 4th grade teacher

Work Plan

Big Idea: Composing a Musical Self-Portrait

Inquiry: How can music communicate aspects of our personalities?

  PDP Planning Form Flow Chart revised 4th lafayette
Year One
Year Two
Year Three

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