Ms. Moorhouse’s class, many of whom were with us last year, were working on an internet college research assignment the first day I saw them. Exploring narrative and perspective with them will take the focus of researching and imagining potential career directions for themselves and writing songs about those careers from both their current perspectives and through imagined adult viewpoints. Students will listen to thematic examples from the classical, pop, and other genres; explore narrative as creative/musical self-expression through rap and other musical examples; reflect upon musical elements such as tempo, pitch, and rhythm and how these elements can suggest mood and personality characteristics; and write, notate and perform two class songs combining their individual perspectives into two long class narratives.


Classroom Teacher

  Ms. Moorhouse, 5th grade teacher

Work Plan

Big Idea: Representing Careers in Musical Compositions

Inquiry: How can we compose music that represents a particular job?

  PDP Planning Form Flow Chart 5th lafayette
Year One
Year Two
Year Three

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