Final Reflections

The idea and use of symbols as topics and pieces of a bigger story. Also using a transparent material to being about a discussion on racism and prejudice. Making what they say and hear mor transparent and less undercover! -Tracy Netter, visual arts teacher

Always getting the students in and settled in a small time frame and window. The students can sometimes get noisy and it takes too much time to settle them down. Tracy Netter, visual arts teacher Not giving them more time with journals/sketch books. Having students work in journals more, have them take from classroom to classroom. -Juan-Carlos Perez, teaching artist

How can students have complete ownership of their sketchbooks? -Juan-Carlos Perez, teaching artist How can we have the students travel with their journals but not lose them? Tracy Netter, visual arts teacher

Using environment as part of the artwork. Installation. Classroom, school grounds, indoor/outdoor More physical images of work or photographs. Describe students reaction to working hands on. -assembling -hammering, nails, etc. -Juan-Carlos Perez, teaching artist I love the idea of shields, black and white portraits with charcoal, transparent paper holder will work will with oil canvas. World's Fair collaboration with a couple of classes and the arts program. The real person and the alter ego! Half me / half alter ego -Tracy Netter, teaching artist

Year Three

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