New Sullivan Elementary School

Year 1 - Parent Workshop

Parent Workshop


One of the best things to branch out of this Portfolio Design Program is the connection we made with parents. One of the main efforts by New Sullivan is trying to get parent participation. Through Mrs. Netters, the art instructor & (PDP/MCLT partnership), we were able to create a dialogue with the Bilingual Club Liaison, Mrs. Ramirez and the Parent Club President & LSC Vice President Mr. Besset. Because of their involvement, we were able to engage interest from many parents. It is through these social and trusted human links that we were able to create a special consistent relationship in New Sullivan for the past 3 years.



We connected the lessons to the work that 4th, 5th  & 6th grade students were doing in the Portfolio Design Program. Inspired by 4th grade collage and 5th grade’s study of “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry“, a story of American lifestyles post Slavery and the great migration, we introduced the parents to the work of Jacob Lawrence. We felt that Jacob Lawrence’s use of geometric shapes, bold colors to illustrate the great immigration was an appropriate guide to working with the medium of collage.



Year Three

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