Final Reflections

Teacher participation/involvement._Teachers were fully invested from the get go._They went out of their way to make time to brainstorm, plan (and pre-plan) and get their ideas across from what they wanted the students to get out of this project._Teachers exceeded our expectaions of the collaborative effort we expected of them.__Administration support__School community support:__-positive feedback_-participation (some classrooms volunteered their time to act as an audience for the final productions to show support for our 4th & 5th grade).

Time_Our scheduled dates were on Mondays and that hurt our progress. Too many holidays and other classroom/academic responsibilities took student's time away from us.

Ms. Netters:_How can I take a piece of literature that I have chosen for my visual arts classroom and integrated it and perform it outside of the CAPE project._How can I use a literacy content and use it an exciting way other than reading?_How can i put into practice the arts/education integrated principles that I have developed and created with Mr. Juan-Carlos/CAPE and use it with my other classrooms in the future?__This is the second year that i have developed arts integrated parent programs at New Sullivan. _This is the first year that I was able to create a partnership with the teacher liason to the Parent Advisory Council and create an ongoing communication/support with the Local School Council._What resources can be put into place so that I can continue to build a creative, active parent involvement in my school once this grant is over?_How can I create a support structure to keep this going?

What can we do next year? How can we put together a grand finale of the past 3 year's culminating projects?_How can we create other opportunities to keep the visual arts integrated at New Sullivan?_How are we going to top ourselves?

Year Three

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