New Sullivan Elementary School

Year 1 - Parent Workshop

New Sullivan Parent Workshop 2012-2013


One of the best things to branch out of this program is the connection we made with parents. One of the main efforts by New Sullivan is trying to get parent participation. We were able to get a variety of parents at different times of the year to brainstorm and come up with creative projects that would reflect the New Sullivan Community.

We connected the lessons to the work that 4th, 5th  & 6th grade students were doing in the Portfolio Design Program. Each creative project stemmed from parent planning meetings.

2012 Paper-Mache!!

Parents felt that their was a lack of participation from other parents. They wanted to create projects that let the rest of the parent community (and student body) know that there was a place for them at New Sullivan to get informed about opportunities and resources regarding themselves and their children. Parents also wanted to create a place where parent dialogue was encouraged.

Parents brainstormed in the beginning of the year (Fall) a 3- dimensional project that involved the use of recycled materials just like the students in Portfolio Design Program. They felt New Sullivan was a place of growth, nurture and love and wanted to symbolize this in with their artwork.  It was decided on flowers!


On Mother’s Day, we introduced to the paintings of women and Alcatraz flowers from Diego Rivera. Parents created 3-dimensional Alcatraz flowers from recycled material such as cereal boxes, newspaper, wood, glue and water. Paper-Mache!



2013 Mosaic Time!!

In year 3, (our last year) parents wanted to create an art project that  reached out to the rest of the neighborhood to let them know that New Sullivan is here!

It was decided on an artwork that could be installed outside in the new school garden. A place that everyone could enjoy. Parents decided on stepping stones but not just any old stepping stones, mosaic stepping stones!


Parents were introduced to early century examples of mosaics and learned about the materials and techniques needed to work with mosaics.

4 stepping stones are currently being mosaic-ed. They will be completed in time for graduation and be introduced to the rest of the community and be given special recognition.


Outdoor vs. Indoor tiles.


Learning how to use the almighty nippers!







Year Three

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