Final Reflections

Staff Professional Development:

I learned so much from our professional development sessions.  They were non threating and informative.  The teachers were treated with respect for their ideas and their work was valued and appreciated.  I looked forward to the time that we would have p.d. days and could connect with other professionals that were involved in a similar process.  I became a better learning and teacher partner because of the program.

Artist: I always enjoy professional developments with dedicated and focused teaching partners. Their enthusiasm and contribution inspired me. Their investment made for a richer creative development of the project at hand.

Teaching Artist Reflection: With Instructors: Our collaboration, students picked up on this and I feel that it opened an all around communication. Instructors successfully implemented and bridged what was going in the art room (with Mrs. Netters & I ) their literacy component in the classroom. With Students: The use of color as a visual representation for words and emotions. Students got a good understanding of how to pay closer attention to their own feelings. Students learned the importance of self worth and being an individual. Students understood very well the importance of portfolios as a tool to document professional and creative processes. Students came away with an understanding of how the visual arts and literacy component can be fused together to create a beautiful, rich learning experience that can be applied to the academic process. MCLT Reflection: Students understanding what was expected of them and being to work with very little direction after the initial learning session. Teacher Reflection: Students ability to express their emotions through painting.

Teaching Artist Reflection: As always, this project can go on forever. It is such a joy to work with instructors and we did not want it to end. With that regards, there were times that classroom time was interrupted and because of that we lost some time that could of perhaps helped us to excel even further. MCLT Reflection: Our schedule was always being interrupted so we were always short on time. Teacher Reflection: Students were inhibited by the shortness of time.

Teaching Artist Reflection: Will students be able to find their own creative personal perspective when making art in the future? I wonder how this consistent visual arts & literacy learning experience for the past 3 years affect our students later in life? Will it stick? Will it affect the way they approach problem solving? In the years ahead when they think of the arts, what will come to mind since they've now experienced it in a different way? MCLT Reflection: What piece, out of all of the things that we have compiled over the years, will make it into our finale showcase? Teacher Reflection: Will the program continue?

Teaching Artist Reflection: Great learning experience for me. I've been involved a few longterm arts educated programs and I learn something new each time. I've learned some new methods & techniques to add to my teaching practice because of this program. New ideas: I guess new methods of teaching (what i've learned) to other visual artists wanting to break into this field. MCLT Reflection: I want to have a monthly community/parent & student artist workshops at the school. Teacher Reflection: I would like the students to use poetry in painting.

Year Three

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