Perez Elementary School

Year 2 - Grade 4

Final Reflections

Through the PDP project I have been able to take a closer at

my music teaching.  The use of portfolios and journals played

a major role in looking more closely at my teaching and how

my students are learning.  The portfolios create an invaluable

collection of student work that the students and I can look at

together and then later share with their parents.  The journals

enable students to reflect on the work that they have done….

what was learned, what was most challenging and what might

be the next steps.  With music (and all of the arts) becoming

a core subject within the school curriculum, these student

documents and collection of work are critical to developing and

improving instruction.  Students have more input in their

learning as well.

Working with an artist is helpful in my looking at my teaching.

Collaboration and coteaching are critical to music instruction.

Most music teachers, including myself perform outside of their

educational role, but receiving the input from another artist

helps to assess and direct instruction in directions that are

appropriate and rigorous.


I am hoping next year to take the musical theater experience

to help students work more toward team work



and move it toward more team work for the students.


The fourth and fifth grade classes were quite engaged in the writing of their own musical myths. They learned how to be a composer and how that role can be rewarding and challenging. They also were excited about their performance.

The sixth grade performance did not engage the students as much as the other two classes.

What can we do to engage the more "middle school" mind set? I am wondering if engaging them in more roles of a performance would be more helpful.

Part of the pre and post assessment/survey could address individual interests in preparing a student original performance. It could also develop more cohesiveness and teamwork in each classroom. It has been my experience that students like to have a choice in what role participate in creating a musical or opera i.e. stage manager, costume manager, script writiers, orchestra member, singer, etc.

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