Perez Elementary School

Year 2 - Grade 5

Final Reflections

We worked closely with Ms. Santoyo, and that helped us to build a curriculum that worked for the students and teachers. She had a better understanding of music and was able to bring elements of music into her classroom. The way the lessons worked out, the fifth grade got some extra time to write their scripts for the show. The final script ended up being very strong and that showed in the final performance.

There were still a few students that were unable to make the final performance, and that was very stressful for the students and teachers. We needed a bit more time to prepare the lessons. We were playing a bit of catch up all year trying to get the quality of learning as high as we wanted. The students did manage to create some amazing work and we look forward to next year being even better!

How can we involve the classroom teachers even more? What do we need to do to get the parents involved and invested in bringing their children to the performances?

It would be great to somehow meet the parents and show them the kind of work we are doing. I would like to students to reflect on their final work even more, and perhaps have a video to take home next time.

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